Daily Prompt 3/18/14: That’s Amore’

This is possibly one of my favorite topics of all; my husband’s and my love story.

I had been divorced for 9 months, and had been separated maybe a year or so before the divorce was final but I hadn’t dated. I’d gone to a hockey game with a group of friends, and I’d gone out alone a couple of times, but I hadn’t had the desire to date or even entertain the thought of dating really. My best friend Bonnie had invited me to come to where she worked; a “honkey tonk” called Katie Lynn’s, to meet her boyfriend’s brother. I told her I wasn’t interested but she was persistent and my oft used excuse “I don’t have a sitter” wouldn’t work that time because she knew my son was with my mom. Reluctantly I agreed.

Not having gone out in such a long while, I was nervous. I put on what I thought was the appropriate attire for a “honky tonk” and made myself leave the house before changing my mind for the dozenth time. I showed up at about 10pm and opened the door. I stood there for a few minutes waiting for my eyes to adjust. I saw Bonnie right away and she motioned that for me to head over to the pool tables and wait for her there. I made my way through the already thick crowd and sat at the only table available. Right away I noticed one of the pool players. He was perhaps the most handsome man I’d ever seen in person.

He made his shot and approached me right away. The closer he came the harder it was to breathe. It sounds cliche’, and I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t experienced it, but suddenly it seemed as if we were the only two people in the room. He got to my table and instead of speaking to introduce himself, he stood so close we were touching. I felt electricity from his hand to where he placed it on my knee. Instead of introducing myself, I asked him a personal question as if we’d known one another our whole lives because that really is how it felt; as if we had always known one another. I had no idea this was the man Bonnie had wanted me to meet as she hadn’t told me what he looked like. I had never met his brother either, not that they look alike anyway, and he had no idea I was her friend because she wasn’t certain I would show up.

I was never a “love at first sight” sort of person, and after the break-up of my marriage, I can’t say I believed in love at all, much less for myself, so when Tommy asked me to marry him after an hour, I simply thought he was insane. I knew he had been drinking and assumed he would forget all about it by the next day. We never actually ended the evening I suppose, since we stayed until closing so we could have breakfast with Bonnie after she finished working, but he did indeed remember the next day…and the next, and the next.

Twenty years and two daughters later, he tells me he loves me more everyday, but he still swears he loved me from the moment he saw me. He actually told the buddy that he was playing pool with ” see that girl in the doorway with those ugly pink jeans on? I’m gonna marry her one day.” 

We met on March 12, 1994 and we married July 2, 1994. I didn’t acquiesce to marriage right away, but he was persistent, and by the end of May, I was his and always will be.

We have had our share of ups and downs as any couple will, but I truly cannot imagine my life without him. We compliment one another in so many ways and we still enjoy being together more and more everyday.

Oh, and I totally believe in love now, because my Tommy has exhibited it in so many ways making it more real to me than air. I am eternally grateful to Bonnie and to God for introducing us.


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