Sixteen Tons: Daily Writing Prompt 3-24-14

How do I feel about my job? Which one? I am a mom and a writer and both jobs are a part of me, not just something I do.

For the past 16 years I have been a “stay at home mom”. My primary job, among many lesser jobs is to care for the kids, the house, and the husband. The commute is great, most of the time, and I wouldn’t trade the benefits like hugs and smiles and “thanks mom”s every now and then, but now that my job is nearing completion since my youngest child, a daughter, is turning 16, I can’t honestly say this job is a boatload of fun most days. Teens, especially teen daughters are A LOT of work emotionally, and sometimes physically keeping up is tough too.

Writing is something I have done since early childhood. Writing was a passion long before it became a career. I do wake up excited about writing and I think about it throughout the day, often considering how an event or person I have happened upon would fit in a story or poem or blog. I love the writing part of my writing career, but the marketing and promotion is for the birds!

So, how do I feel about my jobs? I love them, and sometimes I endure them, and I make the choice everyday to do them because of that love. I can’t imagine my life without either of my “jobs” . They each fill a part of me that nothing else could.

I am richly blessed.


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