Zero to Hero : Day One, Introduce Yourself

My name is Andora Henson and I’m a ….. logophile. There, I said it… I am a lover of words. I love all sorts of words; long words, short words., serious words and silly words. I love words that express and words that are haughty and reserved. I love words that are kind, and even words that are a bit snarky. I love all sorts of words and my love affair with words started a long time ago.

I remember scribbling little bits of nothing at the breakfast table when I was a wee child of three years old. Mom would wake me to have coffee ( about a teaspoon of coffee with milk and sugar filling the cup) with her while she readied herself for work and I would write notes to her consisting of curly q pre-kindergarten cursive, always including my block printed name as that was the only “real” word I knew how to write at the time.

Over the years my vocabulary grew and my ability to use a pen effectively flourished. I wrote in and have saved hundreds of “journals”, also known as common 70 page spiral bound notebooks, over the years and truth be told, I’m known to get away with myself and “scream on paper” in one every now and again these days as well.  I love the way words feel when they are spoken with love and received with gladness. I love they way they sound when they meet my ears to express concern, or give information, or share a secret joy. I love the feel of writing words that will mean something to someone especially, but most of all, I love they way words work.

One letter alone can be a thing of beauty when illustrated with exceptional care but letters strung together like fine seams on a garment or stitches on a tapestry are amazing and create the source of my love and livelihood; words. These words then woven into tales or stories, fact or fiction, to impress or inform are powerful. Words, strung together in a purposeful way remind me so much of the people I encounter in my world; they are almost always better when standing together than when they are all alone.





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