Oh My Oh My How Time Does Fly…

The time seems to fly at ever increasing speeds when I am in pain. For the past few weeks I have endured an itching that makes my “9 on the pain scale” days look like lunch at McDonalds. I’m not certain if it is because the itching comes from the inside out and I can’t get an adequate scratch on, or if it is because of the pain that comes with the scratching. Nevertheless, time does not stop for my pain, itching, or otherwise. The two days I was stuck in bed wearing nothing but a sheet because everything else just hurt too much against my skin I felt the wheels in my head turning at warp speed along with the clock, but there was nothing that I could seem to do to get the thoughts adequately captured. I tried dictating my thoughts, stories, ideas, and the rest into the Dragon software on my phone but apparently I have horrible diction and enunciation. The mess that came from that was nearly incoherent.

Alas, I feel better today. The itching is only at about a 5 (using the same scale one would for pain) and while I know it will likely rise with the hours on the clock today, I am able to function now and for that I give thanks. So, here I sit trying to remember, recapture, rethink the thoughts that escaped while I was imprisoned by this flesh- ah well, there is indeed a reason for everything. Perhaps those thoughts were a lot of foolishness that didn’t need to be shared? 

Maybe I’ll work towards thinking some new thoughts, and try to speak more clearly for the Dragon this time.

Until next time,

Peace and happy writing to you all~

Andora, TheWritingMommy


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