Wednesday Words~

I need a new hair style
And lipo
And a new wardrobe
But most of all
I need a new heart
Mine is broken
It’s black
And so very blue

I need a new dream
A fantasy come to life
Or a new reality
Mine is old,
And tired,
And full of commercials and shows about other people’s better lives
And books about romances that aren’t real.

I need a new attitude
Mine is wrinkled
And sullen
And distasteful
Reflecting a loss of the extra ordinary
The Truth that comes from living in His Word
Under His tutelage
And the shadow of His wings
And the warmth of His amazing grace
And in His love.

I need a new me
But not a different one,
Just the real one that He created me to be.
Authentic, creative, filled with love and laughter and honesty and hope in His Word and resurrection.
A strong and vibrant me
Capable of giving and receiving and sharing
Whole and joy-filled
With my three chins and jowls, with my blue gray eyes and thinning hair
With my hips and tummy and sagging boobs
Content with the outside when the inside is purged of the blackness of shame and guilt and regret
That’s the girl I want to meet, and be, and love.

I need a new me


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