And the Journey Continues…

So, when last we met I was in the beginning stages of a paper mache deer head made from recycled material.

As I said previously, my husband is an avid hunter so I asked his opinion about the state of the project. “Wellllll,” he began, ” the neck is a little thin.”

I agreed.

cups for trachea

As you can see, I  used a Styrofoam cup cut in half. It actually had a better affect than I expected. I had hoped to create a thicker neck as my husband recommended but this shape looked like a trachea after it was papered as you will see in the final pictures on this blog.

Next, I needed to add the horns at this point. I decided to use pieces of wiring we had left from our last building project.


I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish this feat so I did what I always do when I have no idea how to do something… I just started experimenting till I felt it was right..

making horns our of wire                                                         8cddf94c-3625-4091-bce7-86d854b00c17


I have been adding layers of paper mache since these were attached and it is getting very near to the stage where I begin to “finesse” the shape.

Here is where we stand today…

deer with antlers after several layers                               deer w horns                                    deer w horns 2

I’ll be adding several more layers to give this handsome beast extra strength. Right now there is still a little looseness in the antlers and the muzzle is still a little flimsy. I expect over the next three days I should get between 15 and 20 layers on since I have a fan dedicated to drying constantly.

I’ll post more after these are dried and I have began adding the final paper sculpting.

Till then be well,





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