When Will I Ever Be Enough?

I am a little frustrated this evening about a conversation I had with someone that I trust and whose respect I thought I had. The topic? Me.

Let me first say that I work hard. Often times, I will admit, I work harder than I need to because I am a perfectionist and at times, a control freak.I know these things and am working to correct them, but as yet, I still struggle with this.

I am a career mom. I work hard taking care of my family and helping out in the community. Beyond this, I also homeschool my special needs daughter, I am a published author and a freelance writer, and am beginning to consider my art as something that I may part with for the right price.

Granted I do not earn a mint with any of these but then, that is not my goal at this time. My first priority is to honor God in all I say and do. Then to care for my family, and finally to use the gifts I have been given to be a blessing. That being said, it really irks me that anyone, especially someone who knows me, would say that because I don’t work outside the home that I have no influence in The Kingdom, that I have no accountability, and that I am thus isolated.

My job as a mom is the hardest of all, especially now because my youngest two are girls and are 16 and 17 years old. That is a full time job in itself right there. There is great accountability in parenting, more in being a wife and partner in our home, but even if there weren’t accountability in those jobs, I have accountability to my freelance clients by the way of deadlines, customer satisfaction, and the fact that if they are not satisfied with the work, I won’t get paid or at the very least, I won’t get repeat clients.

Finally, I have more influence as a prayer warrior to people I may never see face to face than I do in my any other way. I receive many prayer requests from all over the world and all over the U.S. I am a part of a couple of prayer groups and have been for a while so now I just seem to get requests out of the blue for which I do indeed pray, as well as the prayer requests I get from friends, relatives, and my community members.

And as far as isolating, well I can only say that that has less to do with my working from home than my personality which has always been more reserved. I enjoy gathering with a community of people that I trust, but I NEED my alone time to recharge my creative batteries.

So, now that my hurt feelings are soothed and I have searched my heart and mind to find whether or not there is any validity to the arguments presented to me I can move forward.

Still, I have to stay open to opinion, criticism, and  comments that I may not agree with because in my lines of work feedback is very important. So what is yours? How do you stand on the whole “work from home” question? Do any of you work from home? How do you handle the inevitable criticisms, or the calls asking for favors constantly since “you don’t work so you have more time than me”? I would love your input.

Till next time peace and love,



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