Well, I am Finished with the Deer…Sort of.

I had hoped to finish this project in no more than ten days and it has been almost a month.

I had hoped to post a progress report every few days and it has been two weeks since my last update.

I wanted to give this as a gift to my husband but honestly, I don’t even think I will display it.

I am a little disappointed, can you tell?

Here’s why…

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This did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I am finished with it because there is nothing that I can think of that will make it better and the longer I try, the more frustrated I become.

Sort of like the other problems I encounter in my life aside from art, ya know, parenting, marriage, relationships with friends and family… the hard stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, my marriage is solid and I don’t have a beef with any of my family or friends that I’m aware of at the present, but I have had them and I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one.

It seems sometimes the harder we try to get things to change, to “tweak it”, or to make something better because it isn’t exactly the way we want it, the more frustrated the whole thing becomes. There has to be a time to step back and say, “I have done all that I can” and then walk away. That may be a short walk for an even shorter amount of time, but sometimes, in my opinion, walking away is the most kind and wise thing you can do for yourself or the other person, or the situation.

So, even though it isn’t exactly the way I wanted it to end up, I have to be finished and walk away. I WILL try this again because I don’t want to feel as if I have failed at this. I will take what I learned from this project into the next and make the adjustments that it is just too late to make this time.

Hopefully if you have followed me thus far you have learned a little something from this journey; I know I have. Hopefully you will feel free to comment and leave whatever feedback about the project or the messages or whatever you like.

As always,

peace and love to you all.


Andora Henson, TheWritingMommy


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