About TheWritingMommy…

TheWritingMommy is the pen name I chose when we adopted our first daughter and decided that I would begin working from home as a full time mom and wife. Because I take my job seriously, and writing is as much a part of who I am as my eye color and earlobes, TheWritingMommy seemed the only appropriate moniker.  Over the years I have considered changing it to something catchy, kitschy, or just more robust, but I gotta tell you, simple and honest does it for me and so the name has stuck.

I have always written. I was published in high school as a reporter for The Dandelion, but I gave up the writing dream after high school for “real life”.  I got a job, got married, had a baby; you know, did all that I was supposed to do as a grown up in America but a little bit of me was unfinished, unfulfilled, and uninspired.  At about 28 years old, I did the next things we tend to do; I got a divorce, an ulcer, and a breakdown (well sort of) and began to write again because it was cheaper, and it worked better, than therapy.

With life back on track and illusions of “normal” replaced happily with “real, messy, and that’s okay” I continued to write, but for my eyes, and those of friends and family only. I began to write for publication in 2002 after losing my mother to Cancer and realizing that like her, I would not live forever. My mom died with so many of her stories still inside her, never to be shared, and that is tragic. My sisters and I are the ones whose memories she lives on in and we will get old, and those memories will fade. I decided I wanted to leave behind more than faded photos and a few fleeting smiles; I wanted to leave the best of me however I could and I have always believed I’m far better “on paper” than anywhere else. My husband feels otherwise, but then, he doesn’t like to read (gasp and groan) so he can’t really weigh in on this fairly.



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