Hire Me…

TheWritingMommy is Andora Henson; a freelance writing mom, author, crafter, and avid reader.

TheWritingMommy crafts original articles, opinion pieces, essays, blog posts, poetry, eBooks, novellas, and more.  She would be happy to consider creating one for you based on your idea or topic, word count or keywords.

Additionally, she is an avid reader and can spot a typo at 500 paces, so she would be great as a proof-reader and she is often seen giving a review on Amazon.com of one of the many books she reads weekly.

An avid crafter as well, TheWritingMommy creates original art of mixed media, often upcycling and recycling. She loves finding new ways to create with materials the world might define as worthless or used up.

She loves deadlines, word counts, and a challenge. Let her words bless you and your readers today.



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