In The News… and other rants

I don’t like the news in general. The stories are skewed along party lines, ideology, and ratings so one never knows if what they are hearing is really “real”, or just a partial reporting of sensational tidbits. How are we the readers, watchers, consumers, supposed to get the real story?

One thing I decide before I check on anything else is; “is this worth my time?”  There is a lot going on in this great big world, and while all of it is important to someone, it doesn’t all have to be important to me. I know this sounds harsh, but it is true. While I often find myself praying for those in need that I hear about through one media outlet or another, I cannot in good conscience forgo my responsibilities here at home or in my own community to concentrate on the needs of someone, or some group in another part of the country or the world. I can and should do what I can, but at some point I have to make a decision to focus on what I can and must do “where I’m planted”.

Another important thing I can do as a consumer of news reports is check the validity of the report. Can I find this on other media sources? Is there an eye-witness account or physical evidence? Is there more sensationalism or emotion to the story than news? These questions are important if you want the whole story. Of course, some people listen to the new simply to have something to argue about.  I don’t like to argue so this isn’t me, but I know many personally who enjoy a good fight and listen to the news for argument’s sake.

There are so many good things to know. I find that spending too much time noticing the “bad stuff” is a waste of my resources. I am often accused of being a “Pollyanna”, or burying my head in the sand and this really is not the case. I  live in peace as far as it is in within my power to do so. I focus on doing what I can rather than lamenting over what I cannot do. And I learned the hard way, many years ago, that Joseph Heller was right when he said “just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”.  I spent many years ducking as I passed windows ( a lesson learned from a step father who owed a debt to bad people). I worried all the time about money yet the bills still came due, I worried all the time about someone hurting me, and they did, and I worried about dying and I didn’t. I learned I couldn’t control everything, and sometimes I couldn’t control anything except myself.

Just because you worry about something doesn’t mean it won’t happen; it just wastes your time and energy. Focusing on the “good stuff” though, that can bring you joy in the moment, and nowadays, that is where I choose to live.

No matter what is in the news today, remember what is important and be thankful for the “good stuff”


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